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Brain Friendly Training have partnered with Go1 to provide over 60 'Train the Trainer' and Brain Training courses in the GO1 Content Hub.

Laurie Kelly has been enlightening the training world about brain friendly training techniques for over 30 years. His face-to-face (both in-house and publically run) workshops have been integral in spreading the necessary message of learner engagement through fun and change-of-state activities when delivering training content. Face-to-face delivery is the most transformative method of training, there is no doubt, but the online learning world is growing exponentially and Laurie has now evolved his popular two-day TRAINERS INTENSIVE workshop into an online series, available to all, to learn at their own pace and in their own time. Brain Friendly Training will be a huge win for any Go1 customers who want to transform their internal training delivery.

Through our partnership with Brain Friendly Training, Go1 customers will now have access to a wide range of excellent and practical professional development resources for individual trainers and educators.

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