Creating Playlists in Go1

A new way for learners to discover content

What are playlists?

Playlists within the Go1 Content Hub are a grouping of content that surfaces to admins and learners, separately from the traditional content search.  To date, most playlists have been curated by our Go1 curation team and include a collection of courses from different providers around a certain topic.  We would like to expand our playlist offering by including playlists curated by you, our content partners, to show learners how you group your content. 


How do I get started?

There are 3 easy steps to creating a playlist to showcase your content:

1.      Getting prepped

You'll need to have the following items prepared ready to create your playlists in your Go1 portal:

  • Title of the playlist: This should be a succinct but descriptive title, used to grab the learner’s attention. Our search function uses this information to surface content.
  • Description: We recommend that descriptions offer the learner or admin a clear overview of what is included in the playlist.  Our search function uses this information to surface content. This is a good place to include additional phrases to ensure your playlist is surfaced in all appropriate searches.
  • List of courses to include: We recommend that playlists have no more than 10 courses, unless they are all strongly related by topic, e.g. all Microsoft excel courses.
  • Playlist image: This image is the thumbnail for your playlist and has similar technical requirements to images used for a single course. It must be horizontal.
2.       Creating Your Playlist

Once you have collected the information above, follow the instructions in this help article, to create your playlist(s) in your Go1 Portal.  

Please note: playlists must be made Public for Go1 to add them to the Content Hub.

3.       Final Step

Once your playlists are created, please email partnerships@go1.com with the name(s) of your playlists and we will add them to the Go1 Content Hub. 

Important Note

Once your playlist is publicly available any changes to the playlist will reflect immediately and cannot be reversed.  You can delete playlists without notifying Go1, however, this does not have any effect on the courses within the playlists which will remain available within the Go1 Content Hub. As always, courses (including those that form part of a playlist) should not be deleted from your Go1 Portal. Please advise us of removal requests for content via partnerships@go1.com or your CPSM. Any courses/content items removed from the Content Hub will be automatically removed from any associated playlists.

Example Playlist (for content partner playlists it will read Curated by <Your Name here!>)