Where LMS can fall short

Users don't complain because their LMS doesn't have enough features. They don't even complain  about price. What users complain about the absolute most is the ability to actually use the software.
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There are a number of  incumbent corporate learning management system providers in the e-learning  industry that have received a significant amount of negative feedback from aggravated customers -- especially students. Some have taken it upon themselves to write articles or create social media pages dedicated to venting their frustrations.

Do people just hate e-learning, or is something else going on?

If you've ever had to use  some of the older systems that are out there whether it be for university or for corporate training, you can likely sympathize with those unhappy customers. We find their systems are difficult to use, and we're engineers!

Users don't complain because their LMS doesn't have enough features. They don't even complain  about price. What users complain about the absolute most is the ability to actually use the software. Something that many older or more established  LMS providers seem to be determined to make impossible.


Many LMS platforms have poor user experience (admin and student!)

User experience is the most valuable quality of learning software today. It doesn't matter how powerful your LMS is or how many features it has if no one can figure out how to use them.

How can a customer benefit from a product they can't use? How can educators and trainers expect their students to engage with material that is difficult to consume?

These are the problems that most LMS fail miserably to address.

User experience should be a top priority  for three reasons:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Higher ROI for clients
  3. Increased productivity

It's no coincidence that GO1 has been noted as  the number one online training system in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.

User experience increases customer satisfaction

If your system is easy to use, your customers will be happy. People are busy and don't want to spend their time reading user manuals and chatting with technical support. They want software that's easy to setup and intuitive to use right from the start.

Creating that user experience that customers desire makes them happy. And that's why our customers have been so good to us.

Happy customers turn into loyal customers. Take care of them by providing a great user experience, and they take care of you with repeat business. It's a win-win for everybody.

Increased engagement leads to positive ROI

When we say that our clients invest in our software, we take that seriously. And we expect them to earn a positive return on that investment.

A key measurement for determining the ROI is the engagement of users. Higher engagement means more effective training and better education.

GO1 LMS increases engagement by providing the best student interface of any online training system available. Better engagement leads to better training and that's what our customers are investing in.

User experience affects productivity

Your LMS is supposed to save you time, not take up more of it. A poor user experience only creates more hassle.

On the other hand, a robust user experience helps users accomplish tasks quicker and make fewer mistakes. Thus allowing them to get more done in less time.

From a financial standpoint, this should be a primary concern for businesses looking to implement a training system. Using a LMS with a terrible user experience is only going to waste hours of labor on meaningless troubleshooting tasks that don't make your company any money.

Is your current LMS a liability or an asset?

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