What’s trending in learning? April 2024

From mental health support to self-care tips, we’ll share courses and content providers to help you improve your well-being at home and work.

In this month’s edition, we’re sharing content recommendations for your employees around the topic of well-being. From mental health support to self-care tips, we’ll share courses and content providers to help you improve your well-being at home and work. On top of that, we’ll also detail all the latest additions to the Go1 library.  

So, what’s trending in learning this April?  

Topic spotlight: well-being 

Well-being, both at work and home, is essential for a happy, engaged workforce. Yet, Gallup finds that just 33% of employees are “thriving” in their workplace well-being — leaving plenty of room for improvement.  

This statistic is concerning for several reasons. At a basic, human level, facilitating workplace well-being is simply the right thing to do. Additionally, improving well-being also has several business benefits, with one study finding that every $1 spent on workplace mental health results in $4 of productivity gain and savings.  

Here are five fantastic courses on Go1 that can help you and your employees improve their well-being. 

1. Look After Yourself at Work and Home by Beyond Blue (12 mins) 

Woman running with beyond blue logo

Learning about mental health will help you look after your social and emotional well-being, and support the people close to you. This course will dispel some common mental health myths and teach you how to support healthy habits at work and home. 

2. Mental Health Essentials by Nimble eLearning (45 minutes)  

Mental health essentials

This course will increase your mental health awareness, offering techniques to support you and your loved ones. You’ll learn how mental health can vary from person to person, how to improve your well-being, and how to create a supportive work environment. This course is packed with practical advice and helpful, everyday language to facilitate positive changes in your workplace. 

3. Stress, Anxiousness, and Anxiety by ViaUp (20 mins)  

Mental health first aid kit

This course from ViaUp empowers you to name and address the causes and symptoms of anxiety. With the right information, some kindness, and a little patience, these tools can make a dramatic difference in your life. You’ll learn:  

  • How anxiety is different from stress and general anxiety 
  • The steps you can take to support your mental health 
  • How to support a colleague who is struggling 

4. Mental Health Awareness for Employees and Teams by The Mental Health Project (40 minutes)  

Mental health awareness for employees and teams

This interactive course is designed to improve employees' awareness of mental health conditions in the workplace. It'll help you increase your knowledge, skills, and tools to recognize mental health conditions and understand your role and responsibilities regarding mental health at work. Ultimately, you’ll receive the tools to help create a happier, more mentally healthy workplace 

5. Identify a Mental Health Struggle with the Baseline Method - Mental Health Movement Academy (15 minutes) 

mental health support

Knowing what impacts your mental health and when to seek support is necessary to improved mental health outcomes. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of a mental health struggle in yourself or others using our simple Baseline Method, which teaches you how to establish a mental health 'baseline'.

Improving your well-being and becoming more aware of your mental health is always a noble goal, so we wish employees all the very best on this learning journey. With a little commitment, kindness, and support, we expect you'll be Well-being Warriors in no time!

New to the Go1 Library 

At Go1, we’re constantly growing our content library. From fresh content providers to returning favorites updating their offerings, here’s what’s new to Go1 in April.  

Hemsley Fraser 

An exciting new addition to Go1, Hemsley Fraser now has more than 1,000 courses available, ranging from five minutes to over three hours long. Offered in both English and Spanish, their content comes in a wide variety of styles and formats, meaning there’s something for everyone. This includes:  

  • Infographics (5 mins) 
  • Animations (5 mins) 
  • Quizzes (10 mins) 
  • Thrive in Five (5 mins) 
  • Team Scenario Cards (10 mins) 
  • Courses (60+ mins) 
  • Fluidbooks (60+ mins) 

Coaching Culture 

Another brand-new addition to the Go1 library, Coaching Culture has added 45 courses covering all aspects of coaching, mentoring, and leadership. Courses range from 20-30 minutes, with a heavy emphasis on personal and professional development as part of their mission to “make work better.” Courses are mobile-friendly and offered in English.  


A returning favorite and a Go1 brand, Coorpacademy has recently added over 1,000 new courses to the library. These new courses are available in five languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) and focus on soft skills topics like leadership, professional development, communication, and emotional intelligence.  


Packt added over 500 new courses to Go1 this month, focusing on technology topics like data science, programming, and web design. Packt’s courses are created by developers for developers, making them highly informative and allowing them to stay at the forefront of tech’s evolving landscape. The content is primarily video-based, including regular practical projects and exercises. 


Pluralsight has also increased the size of its library, adding over 600 new courses to Go1. These new courses cover topics like how to use Microsoft Azure and several courses on artificial intelligence. Pluralsight is among the best in class for technology content, so we’re always thrilled to see more of their courses available in Go1!   


If you remember last month’s edition of What’s trending in learning? we highlighted EasyLlama as one of our top content providers of the month. Since then, there’s even more to love, as EasyLlama has added over 100 new courses to the library, covering topics like Harassment Prevention, Workplace Health and Safety Essentials, Cybersecurity, and more.  

Three content providers that we’re loving in April


rethinkcare logo

RethinkCare provides best-in-class training for mental health, wellness, and mindfulness. With high-quality content produced by subject matter experts, coupled with exceptional production value, RethinkCare offers an insightful user experience that'll leave you coming back for more. Their innovative solutions use evidence-based, clinically validated approaches to enable employees to be healthier, happier, and more successful.  

  • Topic coverage: Health & Wellness, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Personal Transformation, Self-Awareness, Yoga  
  • Course lengths: 5 mins–3 hours  
  • Courses available: 200+  

Beyond Blue 

Beyond blue logo

As Australia’s most well-known mental health organization, Beyond Blue offers interactive and informative courses on how to support your mental health, as well as the mental health of friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Research and evaluation underpin Beyond Blue's work, investing more than $65 million in mental health research over the years. Their courses feature a modern look and feel, with plenty of interactive activities.  

  • Topic coverage: Mental Health, Well-being  
  • Course lengths: 10-17 minutes  
  • Courses available:

Nimble eLearning  

Nimble eLearning, a UK-based company that's brand new to the Go1 library, has developed unique online tools that make creating and tracking eLearning easy, approachable, and affordable. Their mission is to empower trainers worldwide through approachable digital learning tools and expert care. With over 20 courses and a breadth of topic coverage, Nimble offers something for most learners!  

  • Topic coverage: Health & Safety, Legislation & Compliance, Mental Health, Well-being, Safeguarding, Security & Data Protection, Workplace Skills 
  • Course lengths: 30-50 minutes 
  • Courses available: 20+  

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