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What’s trending in learning? March 2024 edition 

In this debut edition, we’ll shine a spotlight on compliance and retention courses, before sharing the best new and returning content providers in the Go1 Library.
Dom Murray, Content Writer

Welcome to an exciting new monthly Go1 blog series: what’s trending in learning? Keen-eyed readers might have formerly known this series as ‘The Content Insider’. We thought it was time for a refresh, so we’ve adjusted the format and now we’re back, and better than ever. For long-time fans of the Content Insider: don’t fret! We’ve kept all the best bits while adding in a few more. You can’t have too much of a good thing, right? We’ll continue delivering the same essential information to ensure your L&D team runs smoothly, just in a shiny, new format.  

In this debut edition, we’ll shine a spotlight on compliance and retention courses, before sharing the best new and returning content providers in the Go1 Library. So, what’s trending in learning this March? 

Topic spotlight: compliance and retention  

Every month, we’ll focus on a different L&D topic, recommending associated courses from the Go1 library. To kick things off, it’s a big one: compliance and retention. While we probably don’t need to tell you how important these topics are (very!), a quick reminder couldn’t hurt: 87% percent of HR leaders say their employee L&D program is critical to retaining talent.  

87% percent of HR leaders say their employee L&D program is critical to retaining talent.

Here are five great courses on compliance, retention, and diversity to help you retain employees. Content varies from four minutes of microlearning to an in-depth, hour-long course—plus plenty in between to suit anyone’s training needs.  

1. Anti-Racism in the Workplace (CPD Certified) by iAM Learning (15 mins)  

Anti-racism course screenshot

Course description: You’ll learn to define racism, with an emphasis on anti-racism policies. You’ll also learn the primary forms racism takes in organizations and how to prevent it by suggesting areas where your organizational anti-racism strategy could improve.  

2. Maternal Wall Bias and the Motherhood Penalty by Emtrain (4 mins) 

 Course description: This skill-building lesson teaches you about the “maternal wall” bias, addressing how ideas of motherhood and gender roles create barriers to workplace advancement. This course will teach leaders how to provide flexibility and support employees after they become mothers. 

3. Unconscious Bias & Ageism by Maguire (30 mins)  

Understanding unconscious bias course screenshot

Course description: Recommended for managers who want to improve their communication and leadership skills and understand bias, this CPD-accredited module will teach you about unconscious bias, ageism, stereotypes, and social categorization, including how to spot these factors when recruiting.  

4. Managing compliance by Catalyst online learning portal (1hr)  

Course description: This module delves deeper into legal and ethical compliance, helping you: 

  • Research the compliance requirements specific to your area of work 
  • Explain the requirements of mandatory reporting 
  • Maintain compliance-related documentation and records 
  • Recognize the seriousness of non-compliance 

5. Talent retention by Coorpacademy (24 mins)

Course description: How does a company become a champion of retention? This course deconstructs the misconceptions surrounding retention and provides the key to understanding the new habits of the labor market. It raises the question of the role of managers and human resources and lists good practices for retaining employees by remaining flexible and arming yourself with the right tools to enhance each person's skills.

New to the Go1 library  

Simon Sez IT

Simon Sez IT recently added over 200 new titles to the Go1 library on Generative AI, Agile Project Management, Microsoft Office Applications, and more. Some highlights include:  

Simon Sez IT Screenshot

Emphasis Training 

This new content partner is a dream for copywriters or anyone looking to improve their writing skills. Emphasis Training covers writing and communication skills on three main topics: effective email communication, writing techniques and grammar, and writing structure and presentation. Courses are all bite-sized (five minutes or less), making them highly convenient and accessible. Titles include: 


FutureThink is a brand new content partner, with a strong focus on soft skills content. They offer 21 courses in 7 languages (for a total of 147 courses): English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Chinese, making them a perfect fit for an international company or a multi-lingual office. Highlights include:  

Three content providers that we’re loving in March (and think you’ll love too)  

Every month, we’ll share three content providers that we love and think you will too. This month, we’re kicking off with three of our favorites.  

Three Go1 content providers we think you'll love


EasyLlama Logo

Founded in the wake of #MeToo, EasyLlama’s mission is to equip companies with engaging training that promotes a safe, inclusive, and equitable work environment. This makes Easy Llama an excellent choice for industry-specific compliance training. EasyLlama’s courses meet compliance regulations in all 50 US states, while their worldwide courses are an equally wonderful choice for global audiences. 

  • Topic coverage: Sexual Harassment, DE&I, Code of Conduct & Ethics, Violence, HIPPA, and more  
  • Course lengths: Ranging from five minutes to over two hours 
  • Courses available: 200+ 
  • Highlighted course: Workplace diversity and inclusion (30 mins) 

Big Canvas 

Big Canvas Logo

Big Canvas is a passionate team of educators, designers, and developers crafting online learning solutions for 25+ years on topics such as Bullying and Harassment, Occupational Health and Safety Responsibilities for Workers, Office Ergonomics, and 200+ others.  

  • Topic coverage: Health and Safety, Crisis Management, HR Compliance, Fire Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, and more  
  • Course lengths: Ranging from 12 minutes to over two hours   
  • Courses available: 50+ 
  • Highlighted course: Chain of Responsibility (1hr 30 minutes)  

Umbrella HR  

Umbrella HR logo

Umbrella HR leverages a network of talented HR and D&I practitioners to help you create successful, welcoming workplaces. With over 50 years of combined experience in the field, their content focuses on individual stages of the employee lifecycle. With heaps of short, bite-sized courses, Umbrella HR is a great option for time-starved employees.  

  • Topic coverage: Human Resource Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Wellbeing, HR Compliance, Harassment & Bullying, and more  
  • Course lengths: All courses are 10 minutes or less, with most being 5 minutes or less  
  • Courses available: 30+  
  • Highlighted course: Microlearning: Neurodiversity - ADHD (5 mins)   

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