Staff training on a budget

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Want to give your employees the staff training they need, but worried you don’t have the funds?

Many companies, particularly small business, find traditional training programs too costly for their budget. Booking reputable trainers and speakers, hiring conference rooms or venues, and catering for travel and meals can certainly be expensive.

But rather than neglect your staff’s professional development, it’s important to look for other ways to provide training for your employees. These days, we’re seeing training managers adopting more diverse and creative methods to deliver their learning and development programs. One of the most popular (and cost-effective!) ways to do this is through online learning.

Here, we look at how eLearning can help you provide effective and engaging staff training for your team – on a budget.

The Rise of Online Training for Staff

It’s easy to see why more organisations, from SMBs to large multinationals, are making the switch to eLearning for staff training needs.

With online learning, you’ll find you can give employees the flexibility, autonomy, customisation and engagement they want and need – at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

This growing learning trend has seen a huge influx in the training options available online, with a vast selection of online courses, MOOCs, podcasts and webinars developed by experts in different fields.

eLearning – a Cost-Effective Training Solution

So what makes online learning such a cost-effective training solution?

eLearning tools such as online courses and live webinars are incredibly useful and practical, as they recreate the interactive element of traditional classroom learning, without the costs. Team members (even remote workers) can interact and network with each other just as well as in the ‘real world’ – without the need for expensive travel or overheads. What’s more, you can find many online courses being offered completely free!

eLearning goes much further than professional development. You can also create your own online courses for employee onboarding and compliance testing, quickly and easily putting together the exact courses you need for your staff, with fully customised content. Team members can access these eLearning materials as many times as they need, helping to improve the learning experience.

The Many Benefits of eLearning for Staff Training

As well as being cost-effective, eLearning tools and online courses bring a number of additional benefits to your business, including flexibility, consistency, customization and improved knowledge retention.

The flexibility of online training appeals to many employees, as it allows individuals to work at their own pace and from the comfort of their desired location. It’s an effective training solution for all generations, as eLearning courses can be designed to perfectly fit your target audience, allowing you to tailor online courses specifically to your business and workforce.

Top Online Courses for Staff Training


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