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The expert, moderated panel at Festival of Work discuss how L&D professionals can develop a world-class content strategy. Including insights from a joint research piece between Go1 and Fosway Group.
Elise Willson, Content Writer

James Frappell, Customer Success Director, Go1 moderated a panel including Chris Lonsdale, Head of L&D, UDG Healthcare Pic, Scott Sheppard, L&D Manager, LPI, and Craig Hamill, Senior Customer Success Manager, Go1 to discuss how L&D professionals can develop a world-class content strategy. The panel examines insights from a joint research piece between Go1 and Fosway Group.

The panel begins by highlighting findings from the research piece that showed businesses are using digital learning to try and build an organisational culture. The group dissects that, in order for a company to define their learning culture, they need to understand what their company culture is beforehand. This was greatly challenged during the pandemic as many businesses had initially provided training through a more classroom style approach. Today, companies are finally embracing a digital shift which is making L&D more accessible and providing a quicker learning experience.

As we are getting out of the pandemic, companies are seeing a blend of those who want to get into the classroom for networking purposes and those who favour digital learning because an LMS provides more of a customisable experience for their existing routines. A learning culture can only happen if there is employee appetite and company buy-in, that way it enables a variety of options for learning.

Quote graphic: 74% of respondents identified upskilling and reselling as the most significant driver for adopting a digital learning culture.

Upskilling and Reskilling

The joint research piece found that 74% of respondents identified upskilling and reskilling as the most significant driver for adopting a digital learning culture. Companies who take a more targeted approach are able to direct their employees towards more relevant content. For example, if a workplace is struggling to utilise excel it would make the most sense to partner with a customer who specialises in that software vs. a generalist workplace tools partner, who wouldn’t address that specific need.

The benefits of a digital learning experience are vast, but it takes a mix of appetite and communication to ensure adoption. To ensure these programs are adopted and employees are aware of their existence, communication is key and working with the internal communications team can go a long way.

For example, a retail company was recently making a transition into online and to prepare for this major shift, leaders shared this information with their L&D teams 18 months in advance in order to prepare and find the right e-commerce courses for their workplace to try out. As a result, they were able to retain 80% of their original employees as most felt comfortable with the businesses new model.

Future of L&D

Corporate learners are finding that there is no singular way to learn and are favoring blended models of learning as 63% reported they use digital learning as a part of a blended approach. This has allowed a holistic way of learning that fuses digital aspects with tools like mentorship. Go1 is embracing this approach by creating learner pathways to direct employees to new courses that compliment previously taken courses.

This doesn’t stop just at the types of learning but also the methods in which learners are receiving this insight. In fact, access to digital learning seems to be changing to be more than just via an LMS. Companies are finally taking the time to understand what is right for their business, rather than merely following trends and providing the most appropriate methods of delivering learning content whether it be via LMS or via existing tools like Teams or Slack.

Catch the full session below.

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