Introducing the Go1 August release!

Scott Cooper

The August release of Go1 is here, and we have some great improvements to making your learning experience even better! In this release you'll find some updates to the Administer dashboard so you can manage your learners easier, new features and updates to user profiles; including Gradebook, and a great new feature to allow you to create new portals with the click of a button.

Find out more about all of the updates below:

Administer area dashboard update

This is the latest version of the Go1 admin dashboard, a faster more streamlined interface to manage Go1. We will be rolling out more functionality here in the coming weeks and months. The old admin interface can still be accessed from the link at the top of this page.

Improved profile updates with notifications

When an account profile has been updated, after clicking submit you will now be notified whether your information has been submitted or not. If you have not completed all of the required sections of your profile, you will be unable to submit your updated information.

Create a new portal from your 'My Portals' menu

You can now create a new portal directly from the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of you screen by hovering over the 'My Portals' option and clicking 'Create New Portal' at the bottom of the list of your portals. A confirmation box will then appear to confirm this choice, and then your new portal will be created.

Gradebook added to user profiles

Another new feature that has been aded to the user profiles in this release is the 'Gradebook'. Within the Gradebook you can view all of the courses that you are enrolled in as well as their status, start and end dates, and you can expand courses to see further details on which assessments you have completed or are awaiting completion.

Display for android users improved

We love our android users and want them to have an amazing experience. We have updated our display settings for all android devices to improve display and create a better user experience.

Other improvements and updates include:

  • Course image display improved
  • Quiz bugs resolved
  • Automatic time conversion for user’s timezone
  • Admin settings update


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