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How Go1 helps maximize your LMS investment

By investing in an LMS with Go1, you can access world-class content, upskill your workforce, and stay ahead in the digital age.
Mike Jeavons, Content Writer

There are many benefits to implementing a learning management system (LMS) in your organization. LMS’ are centralized learning environments that are scalable and cost-effective. They offer unparalleled accessibility and flexibility, handy integration with other systems, and data-driven insights and tracking. 

You’re probably already on board with all these (and numerous other) features, but if you’re considering implementing a new LMS or you want to get the most out of your existing one, how should you proceed? That’s exactly what we’re going to examine here.

If you’re still not convinced an LMS is right for you, you might enjoy our blog on ‘7 benefits of learning management systems’. Otherwise, let’s get back to maximizing your investment and ensuring LMS ROI.

Unleashing the potential of a comprehensive learning library

The potential of your LMS lies largely in its expertly-created and curated content. After all, this is how your employees can continue their professional development. As such, it’s essential to have an intuitive LMS that gives you access to a comprehensive learning library full of relevant, up-to-date information and courses that meet your team’s learning needs. 

Pull quote with the text: It's essential to have an intuitive LMS that gives you access to a comprehensive library full of relelvant, up-to-daye information and courses that meet your team's learning needs

The diversity of Go1's learning resources

At Go1, we work with over 200 expert content providers, which makes our Content Hub the largest learning library in the world. Whatever roles your people hold, there will be relevant resources for everyone - and this library is compatible with whatever LMS you currently have. 

A Go1 subscription lets you find the right courses for your learning needs and start learning immediately. It also provides access to pre-curated playlists to help your team build development programs. What’s more, we can help your teams find the most valuable content to meet learning interests and provide outcomes that align with your business goals.

Such diverse and plentiful content means your organization and its employees can make the most of your L&D investment. 

Delivering the right content in the right format

As well as having relevant content, getting ROI from your LMS requires content being delivered in the right format. Because Go1 curates content from numerous specialist providers who are experts in their fields, our courses are delivered in a variety of ways to optimize engagement and information retention.

Different courses use different teaching methods as well as a mixture of content formats, such as video, text, quizzes, audio, and assessments. Using a range of content formats can be an effective way of upskilling employees with different learning styles

Boosting efficiency with Go1's strategic tools

Getting ROI from your LMS is easier if you have the right tools to support you. Go1’s Customer Success Hub is packed with handy tools and resources, including a Needs Analysis Tool, which uncovers business needs and encourages more insightful up-front conversations, to inform learning strategies and help users reach their L&D goals. Other resources include an L&D Skills Prioritizer Tool and Team Skills Mapping Tool.    

The role of Go1's Customer Success Managers

If your employees need additional support that’s not covered in the Customer Success Hub, our assigned Customer Success Managers are here to help. Their job is to maximize the value your employees get from Go1’s learning solutions, guiding users through courses that will benefit them and their careers.

Customer success managers can provide strategic advice and reduce the time spent searching through the resources in Go1’s learning library, meaning you can spend more time learning. 

Empowering content creators in the Go1 ecosystem

As well as providing expert courses, Go1 allows you to distribute content to a wide audience. It’s a chance to share your knowledge and expand your reach via a reputable platform, leveraging our network of the most commonly-implemented technology partners. 

Pull quote with the text: As well as providing expert courses, Go1 allows you to distribute content to a wide audience

If you explore this opportunity, you can control who accesses your content. Further, Go1’s analytics tools allow you to see who’s taking your courses and which courses resonate most with your learners.

Becoming a Go1 Content Partner means that as well as having a wealth of information available to your teams, your organization can also become an L&D influencer, boosting your reputation as a leading business in your industry.

Trust in Go1: a look at successful partnerships

Go1 has a strong history of successful partnerships, which you can learn about here. But here is just one quick example of our impact.

Royal Boon Edam & Go1

Royal Boon Edam needed an L&D program for a multilingual team of over 1,000 people based around the globe. Because it’s a global business, our solution needed to be diverse to meet their specific needs and demands. 

So, we collaborated with Royal Boon Edam and the development platform Learn Amp to develop appropriate content to suit the entire business. Our multilingual courses and content achieved internal buy-in and gave employees across the business consistent and accessible L&D opportunities.

The advantages of Go1's seamless integrations and user-friendly platform

Many organizations already have a learning platform, but thankfully, that’s no obstacle to working with Go1. Our Content Hub is accessible on hundreds of systems, including Oracle, workday, moodle, Microsoft Teams, Seek, and Ceridian.

Learn more about our seamless integrations here.

User-friendly platform

The Go1 Platform is user-friendly for all, from employees of startups and small businesses to international organizations. You can also have your online learning delivered on your platform or ours thanks to our seamless integrations. 

Using the platform itself is an intuitive experience, whether you want to upload existing content or access new courses curated by us. Creating custom content on the platform is straightforward too - we’ve designed an easy-to-use tool to help you do just that. Add in detailed reporting, quiz engines, built-in assessment, and 24-hour support, and you’re all set to make the most of your L&D solution.

Maximize your investment with Go1

If you want to make sure your organization gets the most out of your LMS, Go1 can help. Speak to an expert today to learn more, or, subscribe to the Go1 newsletter to stay on top of all the latest L&D trends.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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