The benefits of using eLearning for staff training

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

In today’s competitive workforce, it’s vital to stay ahead of the game when it comes to employee training. Many companies, both small businesses and large organizations, have switched to eLearning for staff training, as an alternative to traditional teaching methods.


eLearning tools and online courses bring a number of benefits to your business, being flexible, engaging and cost-effective. A good learning management system will also allow you to create custom content, specific to your business and learning audience.

Interested to learn more? Here are 5 benefits of using eLearning for staff training.

1. Flexible training options for staff

The best thing about eLearning is that training is no longer confined to the classroom or conference. With eLearning, individuals can log into online training courses and modules whenever they like, wherever they like.

This offers employees a form of training that is far more flexible and convenient, and that works with their busy schedules, not against it. With many modern workers operating remotely or across different time zones, training materials that are available 24/7 provide employers with an effective solution for accessible staff training.

Many online courses are also able to be accessed through mobile-friendly apps and devices, making eLearning even more convenient for users.

2. Better knowledge retention for learners

Whatever the reasons, these employees will inevitably fail to apply what they’ve learned in training sessions to their role back in the office or worksite. In contrast, eLearning offers a very effective method that improves employee knowledge retention. In fact, studies have shown that using apps for training can greatly improve knowledge retention, with students reaching a competent level nearly four times faster than by using traditional training methods.

Through short, engaging and goal-oriented content, staff will be able to move through training modules at their own pace, and in an environment that’s conducive to learning. As we’ve said before, the freedom and flexibility of eLearning also encourages full focus, helping individuals to become more engaged with the materials and retain more of what they’re absorbing.

3. Custom content for more effective learning

Using Go1’s course creation tools, for example, you can quickly and easily compile your own custom content for staff training. The eLearning tool also allows you to upload existing training materials, supporting a wide range of files and making course creation even easier.

With such easy-to-use online course creation, you can have fully branded, customized training materials ready to roll out to your staff in no time.

4. Consistent, high quality training materials

In addition to this, eLearning content can easily be updated at any time. You’ll save time and money on updates to training content, as you simply make any changes online and publish immediately across the system.

5. Cost-effective training for your business

As well as removing the need for printing, eLearning will save you considerable amounts of money in comparison to traditional training methods. By using online materials to train your staff, you’ll eliminate costs such as trainer and speaker rates, conference or room hire, staff transport and catering. When you start saving money on all these costs, you’ll see a significant reduction in your bottom line.

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