eloomi is a modern learning experience solution, anchored in simplicity and continuous innovation. They combine the best features of a learning management system (LMS) with groundbreaking learning experience platform (LXP) innovations to streamline your onboarding, upskill & reskill your talent pool, manage compliance essentials, and drive true people development.

Achieve more with easy onboarding, deliver up-to-date compliance training, and track engagement with instant reporting. 

Access all the content tools you need: from their intuitive course builder where you can take training from idea to enrolment in minutes, to the Content Store where you’ll find thousands of ready-made courses, curated by top content providers.

Plus, build new capabilities with eloomi Skills. Reveal the skill gaps in your organization, drive a data-informed training strategy, and receive intelligent content recommendations to pair needed skills with relevant courses and nurture your talent pools' potential.

Discover a simpler, smarter way to train and transform your learning experience with eloomi.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.