Community in L&D: Emerging Stronger

This playlist has been curated and endorsed by Learning and Development thought leaders Michelle Ockers, Laura Overton, and Shannon Tipton. It is one of four playlists in this series. Community is a key pillar to help L&D Emerge stronger.

Looking through the lens of 'Community' means asking yourself: 'What will I see if I draw on the diverse perspectives and skills of others?'


Building a community - whether that is inside or outside of our organization - can lead to growth and better ideas which evolve your learning strategy to create business value.


This playlist will help you build skills necessary to connect with other people, share ideas, and create better solutions.


This playlist is suitable for global audiences.

Updated Dec 16, 2021

7 resources

15 minsMind Tools
9 minsMind Tools
25 minsInteraction Training
11 minsMind Tools
12 minsMind Tools
11 minsMind Tools
15 minsTalent Quest
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