Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard

Updated Jan 10, 2020

This video forms part of the course Tableau 2019. 1 for Data Scientists

You’ve just completed an incredible data science or data analytics project. You still need to present your findings to your manager, client or even a large audience at the conference. In these kinds of situations, powerful visualization can make or break your project. What should you do? With Tableau 2019. 1 for Data Scientists, you’ll be able to answer key data decision questions, learn how to deal with disorganized data, and even visualize your results with maps and dashboards.

What makes this training module different? This step-by-step guide is designed to give you practical and essential skills that anyone doing data visualization and analytics needs to have. You’ll be able to boost your visualizations by learning techniques such as adding filters and quick filters and using color schemas in dashboards.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to make your Tableau data visualization projects a success by creating fascinating stories and offering invaluable guidance when strategic business decisions are being made.

Target Audience

This training module is designed for aspiring data scientists and data analysts who want to develop their skills in Tableau 2019. 1.

The course is also ideal if you’re simply looking to stay up to date with Tableau’s new features and hone your skills further. If you’re already a competent Tableau user, this course will still be able to provide additional value.