Workplace Mental Health Induction For Employees - UK

Workplace Mental Health Induction For Employees - UK

Mentally Well Workplaces
Updated Oct 24, 2019

The UK's primary evidence based online Workplace Mental Health Induction for every employee, no matter what their title or role.

Why should employees in the UK undertake a Mental Health Induction?

  • The mental health induction enhances awareness of mental health illnesses & educates employers & employees on the impact to their own wellbeing, colleagues & workplace.
  • Inducting employees can help in lowering employee turnover & absenteeism whilst assisting in a reduction in stress leave & mental health related compensation claims.
  • Employees who undertake the induction will be given tools to help them contribute to a more productive & cohesive workplace, helping improve the wellness & safety of employers and colleagues.

Course Structure

The Workplace Mental Health Induction consists of 21 topics presented via video, each with its own multiple choice question and answer style quiz.

Please ensure you watch each video in its entirety before answering the quiz question.

Every employee in the UK deserves to be inducted in mental health.