The Banking Industry Overview: Version 4

The Banking Industry Overview: Version 4

Updated Mar 19, 2018

The banking industry is a vital component to individual, business, national, and global financial well-being. This industry builds and maintains financial relationships with customers of all sizes to supply financial products and services that stimulates economic growth. The industry players produce an assortment of services from savings accounts to home and business loans and mortgages, and from check cashing to underwriting. This industry is sensitive to regulatory, technological, and economic factors and has its own share of challenges largely stemming from these factors. With emerging markets changing the landscape of global economic wealth and new generations of customers demanding faster and more innovative products, the industry players adopt unique strategies to overcome these challenges and move forward to deliver financial objectives to people and organizations. This course is designed to help learners understand key concepts, terminology, issues, and challenges associated with the banking industry, and strategies employed to meet some of those challenges. It identifies the main sectors of the banking industry and its business drivers, and reviews the key aspects of the industry business model, its competitive environment and the current trends in the industry. Finally, this course outlines some key challenges that this industry is facing and presents common strategies that the players in the industry are adopting to overcome its challenges. This course was updated in 2015.