The Retail Industry Overview: Version 4

The Retail Industry Overview: Version 4

Updated Mar 19, 2018
The retail industry provides consumers with goods and services for their everyday needs. Comprised of a variety of stakeholders, this industry offers customers the flexibility to buy products from around the world, which requires industry players to have a global supply chain that ensures their products can be cost-effectively sourced from various locations and delivered to individual customers no matter where they live. Industry players adopt unique strategies to overcome these global challenges in order to offer customers the right products at the right time for the right price. This course is designed to help learners understand key concepts, terminology, issues, and challenges associated with the retail industry, and strategies employed to meet some of those challenges. It will identify the main sectors of the retail industry and its business drivers, and review the key aspects of the industry business model, its competitive environment and the current trends in the industry. Finally this course outlines some key challenges that this industry is facing and presents common strategies that the players in the industry are adopting to overcome its challenges. This course was updated in 2015.