Talent Management & Development Strategies

Talent Management & Development Strategies

Updated Jun 08, 2020

Effective talent management drives benefits for an organization. In this course, our leadership, team, and organizational development consultant reveals how aligning talent management with your company's strategic plan directly impacts business success. He reveals how to build a top-notch talent management strategy, use that strategy to create a talent management plan, and bring it all together using best practices. Along the way, He explains how to identify talent needs, assess existing talent, recruit the right people, and develop employees to meet talent needs. Plus, Katy provides you with a high-level look at succession planning.

Learning objective:

  • Building a successful talent management strategy
  • Identifying talent needs and assessing existing talent
  • Recruiting and hiring the right people
  • Developing employees to meet talent needs
  • Implementing a succession planning process
  • Focusing on engagement and retention
  • Increasing talent visibility
  • Creating a strong HR and business partnership
  • Designing a high-performance culture