Strategic Framework in HR Management

Strategic Framework in HR Management

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Updated Jul 30, 2019

Course Introduction 

Human resource development is a growing area within organizations. In recent years, this area of employee management has been transformed by technology, globalization, increasing competition in the marketplace, and the evolution to a knowledge-based economy.

To navigate in this new world of human resource management, HR professionals need to continuously re-evaluate their skills to become strategic partners in an organization’s success. In this course, experts in the field of human resource and employee development share their expertise and recommendations for redefining human resources, keeping it relevant, and taking on new challenges.

Who Should Attend 

  • Business Leaders
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Learning And Development Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Course Methodology 

This self-paced e-learning course is based on exclusive interviews with top human resource professionals.

Learning Objectives 

  • Redefining the new HR
  • Hiring vs. organizational culture
  • Developing competency models
  • Ensuring employee engagement and development
  • Designing performance management

Course Modules 

  • Redefining The New HR
    • HR Defined
    • Traits Of Good HR
  • Hiring Vs. Organizational Culture
    • Hiring Philosophy
    • Right Recruitment
  • Developing Competency Models
    • Developing A Competency Model
    • Key Components Of A Competency Model
  • Ensuring Employee Engagement And Development
    • Promoting Employee Engagement
    • Disconnects In Employee Engagement
    • Invest In Employee Development
    • Developing Your Employees
  • Designing Performance Management
    • Approaching Poor Performers
    • Gamification As The New Way Of Performance Management