Server-side Programming with Node.js for Beginners

Server-side Programming with Node.js for Beginners

Updated Feb 08, 2019

Node.js is a performance efficient server-side platform which makes writing backend code, simple and fun. According to the 2016 Stack Overflow Survey, Front-End developers worldwide that know Node.js, make more than their counterparts with a median salary of $95,000 USD per year. Through this course, we will learn how to create dynamic web applications using Node.js,Express.js, and MongoDB. This course is perfect for you if you are a front-end developer looking to code full stack applications in a language you already know, Javascript or you are a backend developer looking for a more efficient solution, or for beginners looking to learn the basics of coding robust server side applications. Style and Approach: The course will begin with an introduction to node.js where developers will learn how the technology works, and then we will learn the practical aspect of coding with node.js and express.js and connecting to MongoDB, a popular JSON database, focusing on creating and deploying powerful, dynamic web applications and APIs. 

Target Audience 

Developers looking to create web applications a performance efficient serverside language, Node.js 

Business Outcomes  

  • Learn to create, read, edit and delete files to make your applications dynamic
  • Learn ExpressJS an easy to use, popular Node.js framework
  • Learn to deal databases using MongoDB