Python Machine Learning in 7 Days

Python Machine Learning in 7 Days

Updated Feb 01, 2019

Machine learning is one of the most sought-after skills in the market. But have you ever wondered where to start or found the course not so easy to follow? With this hands-on and practical machine learning course, you can learn and start applying machine learning in less than a week without having to be an expert mathematician. In this course, you will be introduced to a new machine learning aspect in each section followed by a practical assignment as a homework to help you in efficiently implement the learnings in a practical manner. With the systematic and fast-paced approach to this course, learn machine learning using Python in the most practical and structured way to develop machine learning projects in Python in a week. This course is structured to unlock the potential of Python machine learning in the shortest amount of time. If you are looking to upgrade your machine learning skills using Python in the quickest possible time, then this course is for you! Style and Approach: This is a fast-paced course offering practical and actionable guidance with step-by-step instruction and assignments. This course will enable you to develop your own ML models and methods to use them efficiently in the quickest possible way. 

Target Audience 

If you are interested in Machine Learning and have a basic understanding of python and looking to expand your Python skills in a quick time-frame. 

Business Outcomes  

  • A good understanding of Machine learning to start creating practical solutions.  
  • Get an intuitive understanding of many machine learning algorithms
  • Build many different Machine Learning models and learn to combine them to solve problems