Presentations 101: The Complete Course

Presentations 101: The Complete Course

SmartMouth Communications
Updated Jun 07, 2019

Course Overview

Public speaking and presentations made simple! Do you make presentations but know they could be better? Do you want to know how to grab and hold an audience's attention? Do you want to be able to make a point that sticks? This course is your conference room pocket pal. It starts with insights about audiences, deconstructs how to make a point, and then workshops you through a scenario so you actually build an effective presentation while you take the course. You will learn to organize your material in a way that is easy for you to remember and deliver and easy for your audience to follow and retain. Embedded in the course is our proprietary SpeechBuilder tool, which is gives you the formula for success every time. On average, this comprehensive self-paced public speaking course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and is highly interactive. This course packs a day-long Presentation Skills Training into an hour for maximum learning and maximum convenience.

Learning Objectives

  • Simplifies the elements of an effective presentation.
  • Gives hands-on experience in building an effective presentation.
  • Details how to modulate a presentation to fit time constraints.
  • Uses attention span data to guide the development of a presentation.
  • Organizes material for a presentation into memorable "chunks" that make it easy to deliver.