SmartMouth OnDemand SkillBuilding - Be Concise

SmartMouth OnDemand SkillBuilding - Be Concise

SmartMouth Communications
Updated Sep 20, 2019


Public speaking and making an effective presentation depend on your ability to be succinct. This 15-minute course will help you understand what it takes to be clear and concise, so you can capture your audience's attention and make a point. You will learn about the typical audience's attention span and discover tools for tailoring your remarks to meet your audience's needs – and to be impressive in the process. Check outSmartMouth'sSpeechBuildertool, which is an added resource in every course. TheSpeechBuilderprompts you to fill in the blanks and create either an outline or a full presentation. It's a paint-by-numbers solution for public speakers.

Course Objectives

  • Describes characteristics of the typical audience attention span.
  • Breaks down and simplifies how to make a succinct point.
  • Promotes confidence and command for speaking in meetings and presentations.