Pathways - Managing Change - Taking Action

Pathways - Managing Change - Taking Action

Updated Nov 08, 2018

Course Content

  • Evaluating options
  • Ideas into action
  • Lessons learned
  • Follow-up

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the GROW guide
  • Know how and where to seek advice
  • Understand the benefits of involving others in your decision making process
  • Know how to use a selection criteria table
  • Understand the BSF approach to decision making
  • Be able to prepare documentation ready for the final decision
  • Know what to do after you have made your decision

Course Overview

This course lets the learner explore the different stakeholders they should involve in their decisions. It explores a range of sense-checking tools, as well as effective ways to implement decisions and monitor any teething troubles.

Course Duration

25 - 30 minutes