One-on-Ones With Your Boss

One-on-Ones With Your Boss

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Updated Nov 03, 2017

The One-on-One meeting with your boss is your most important work meeting because this meeting determines your

  1. Work Relationships
  2. Growth & Career Progression
  3. Your Promotions, Bonuses & Increases and
  4. Your Work Happiness & Satisfaction

and more...

If you are not having one to one meetings with your manager you will be wasting your time by working on the wrong priorities.

But get good at 1 on 1s with your boss and they will be the path to your success and happiness. But only when they are done right. Use this short, free course to find out the best practice for One-on-Ones with your boss.

Whether you're going for your first One-on-One with your boss or if you have done hundreds this course will give you heaps of tips that will:

  • Save you time
  • Improve your promotions and bonuses, but most of all:
  • Give you peace of mind and confidence at work

Please note that this course is for employees, the course for Bosses is available here:

Bonuses, Templates and Downloads

This course includes:

  • A best practice One to One Meeting With Manager template,
  • The One-on-One Meeting With Boss Agenda,
  • Questions to Ask During One-on-One Meetings With Manager,
  • Email template: How to start one on ones with your boss


Is there any difference between 121 with manager, 1 to 1 with manager, one on one with manager or one to one with manager?

No, these are all just different names for the same meeting. What is important is that this is a (preferably Weekly) Meeting With Your manager without any other attendees

Where do I get a one-on-one form download?

Join the course and you will get a free one-on-one form to download. This includes your 1-2-1 Template.

How to manage your boss?

Managing upwards, managing your manager and managing your boss are potentially loaded words because it's your boss who manages you, not the other way around. But because far too many managers haven't had manager training, it's up to the employee to stagnate or take control of the employee-boss relationship. Instead of learning how to manage your manager, start by setting up and having regular, high-quality one on one meetings with your boss. Follow this free short course to find out how.

What are your tips for one on one meetings with my boss?

My best One on One meeting with manager tips are to make sure that you start and stick to them. Because it's a process that get's better over time. And trust in the process because it's the process that generates results. Don't worry about getting it perfect from the beginning, instead see what other tips for one on one meetings with your boss inside this free online course. Where you can find out what to say in one on one meetings with your manager. If your boss isn't having one on one meetings with you then see the section on "request for one on one meeting with manager" in the resources.