Dealing With Employee Problems Through Active Listening

Dealing With Employee Problems Through Active Listening

Keith Tatley,Manager Foundation
Updated Jan 26, 2018

Being the boss sounds great. But the reality is that you’re not just responsible for your own problems, you’re responsible for everyone else’s problems. Pretty soon people are bringing you their problems in an unending stream. Now how are you meant to do your own work when you have so much of everyone else’s to do? This leads to stress.

Solving employee problems through active listening is a secret ninja management technique that you can use to maintain calm and avoid problems. Do it right and you’ll not only get your time back but you’ll also:

  • Build employee skills and motivation,
  • Promote employee accountability,
  • Encourage employees to take ownership and solve their own problems and,
  • Increase employee creativity.

Avoiding problems is a great way to achieve Management Zen. So the next time your employee comes to you with a problem, Keep Calm and Give it Back.