Office 2010 - Outlook Beginners - Working With Existing Messages

Office 2010 - Outlook Beginners - Working With Existing Messages

Jenison ELearning
Updated Nov 07, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Open and Close Messages
  • View hidden graphics
  • Remove a Message Header 
  • Open a File Attachment 
  • Move between Messages 
  • Delete a Message 
  • Use Reply and Forward
  • Use the Check Names Tool

Course Overview

  • Open a message by double-clicking on it, or if it is already selected you can just press the Enter key. Close messages using the Close button in the top right of the window.
  • View hidden graphics by clicking on the Click here to download pictures bar and choosing the option which matches your requirements.
  • Remove a message header by clicking the More Move Actions list button in the Move group, choosing Other Actions and then selecting Message Header from the list.
  • Open a file attachment by double-clicking on the icon in the header. When the Opening Mail Attachment dialog box opens choose Open or Save. Alternatively click on the attachment icon and Outlook will open a new tab called Attachments so you can choose what to do next. 
  • Move between open messages using the Previous Item and Next Item buttons in the Quick Access toolbar.
  • You can delete messages at any time by selecting them and then using Delete from the Home tab or your keyboard.
  • Reply or Forward messages using the Respond group buttons from either the Home tab or if the message is open from the Message tab.
  • Use the Check Names Tool to find all names beginning with a particular letter, simply type straight into the To: box and choose from the names on offer. You can also use the check names button in the Names group.