Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Charts and Graphs

Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Charts and Graphs

Updated Jul 10, 2019

Course Overview

With its 2013 version, Excel remains the clear leader in number-crunching software and proves again there’s so much more to it than processing data. Descriptive and dazzling graphic options, integrated animation, Sparkline text, even the new Excel App—so many possibilities to make your data come alive and make an impact. This easy-to-understand, concentrated video training tool focuses on the most critical concepts you need to know to turn boring spreadsheets into expressive and informative charts and graphs. You want your data to turn heads, be understood and get real results? This session will show you how!

  • Making a Chart
  • How to Solve Your Data Problems With Combination Charts
  • In Search of the Elusive Clustered Stacked Column Chart
  • How to Create a Combination Pie Chart and Link It to PowerPoint®
  • How to Make a Moveable Goal Line on a Column Chart
  • In-cell Trendlines—How to Create Sparklines
  • How to Create Dazzling Animated Charts and Maps in PowerView
  • How to Build a Project Manager’s Precious Gantt Chart
  • How to Make It Easy to Compare Budget Versus Actual
  • Two Ways to Create a Gauge Chart—Old School and New School