L2 / Craft Bartending: Cleanliness & Waste

L2 / Craft Bartending: Cleanliness & Waste

Small Batch Learning
Updated Jun 04, 2019

Course Overview

This course forms part of the course 'Level 2 / Craft Bartending'.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why personal hygiene counts.
  • Good habits to keep the bar clean.
  • Toilets – everyone’s responsibility!
  • Dealing with – and reducing – waste

Target Audience

This course is intended for existing staff in the hospitality industry who are expected to make or serve drinks, and who are ready to analyse why; not just how, operations function in their bar as they do.

Business Outcomes

By ensuring a thorough understanding of the skills, techniques and processes necessary to meet customers' beverage service expectations, this course will empower staff to create a successful service environment and a successful service product. It will also help staff take the next step towards management by introducing operational decision-making and venue-specific SOPs. Enhancing employees’ ability to better serve guests has a flow-on effect throughout the whole business, in terms of positive reviews, social media and word-of-mouth recommendations – which helps increase repeat clientele and maximises revenue.