Kubernetes on AWS

Kubernetes on AWS

Updated Jan 20, 2020

Docker containers have transformed the way containerized applications are built, deployed, and managed in the cloud. Work becomes easy and interesting if you know how to use the orchestration tools of Kubernetes to deploy production-ready clusters on the AWS platform.  

You’ll start the course by learning about the powerful abstractions of Kubernetes - Pods and Services - that make managing container deployments easy. You’ll also learn how to set up a production-ready Kubernetes cluster on AWS while learning several techniques you need to successfully deploy and manage your own applications.  

By the end of the course, you’ll plenty of hands-on experience with Kubernetes on AWS. You’ll also have picked up some tips on deploying and managing applications, keeping your cluster and applications secure, and ensuring that your whole system is reliable and resilient to failure.  

Target Audience 

If you’re a cloud engineer or a cloud solution provider looking for an extensive guide to running Kubernetes in the AWS environment, this book is for you. Sysadmin, site reliability engineer or developer with an interest in DevOps will also find this course useful. Though any previous knowledge of Kubernetes is not expected, some experience with Linux and Docker containers would be a bonus.  

Business Outcomes 

  • Learn how to utilize Kubernetes to deploy highly scalable applications on AWS 
  • Provision Kubernetes clusters on Amazon EC2 environments 
  • Implement best practices to improve the efficiency and security of Kubernetes on the cloud