Learn Rust in 7 Days

Learn Rust in 7 Days

Updated Jan 03, 2020

The Rust programming language makes it possible to build fast reliable code, prevents segfaults, and guarantees memory safety, even while working across concurrent processes.    

The course is split into seven parts, which give you a complete overview of why Rust is a great programming language. In the first couple of days, you’ll learn to install Rust on your system, discover its syntax, and see a library that utilizes the feature of trait-based generics and code reusability.  

On days 3 and 4, you’ll understand how Rust Lifetimes work by doing extensive compiler checking and learn to make your programs more interactive by accessing all the bits of the Rust environment. On day 5, you’ll learn about multithreading without data races with safe concurrency. Day 6, you’ll create a database, using your code to read and update while securing it with Bcrypt from various breaches such as SQL injection attacks.  

By the end of the course, you’ll have built a mini-bank application that tracks users’ financial transactions over time, allowing them to view their history over time.  

Target Audience 

The video is for developers who have basic knowledge of programming. The video will also appeal to developers who are using C/C++ language to write their applications. No knowledge of the Rust language expected.    

Business Outcomes 

  • Learn to write libraries and programs, that take advantage of rusts Traits to give them great flexibility 

  • Build a Rust application called MiniBank that allows users to view their accounts and make payments to each other  

  • Increase your confidence in understanding lifetimes and the borrow checker