Java Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping

Java Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping

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Updated Oct 10, 2019

Course Description 

This course will be dedicated to persistence problems, but will also work with object relational mapping in Java. Object model basics, relation models and incompatibility issues between them will also be explored. Specific emphasis will be given to the Hibernate tool for object relational mapping, a popular tool in the industry. The course’s main objective is to enable students to use different ways of persistence with a focus on the Hibernate ORM Framework and its integration in Java applications.  

This is the basic course of Hibernate and Persistence, if you are a senior programmer, this course may be too easy for you.  

Learning Objectives 

  • You’ll learn to develop professional scalable applications based on contemporary software architecture.  
  • This course also prepares you for the ORACLE certification exam (Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer). 

Target Audience   

  • Java Developers  


  • Advanced knowledge of Java concepts 
  • Knowing the MySQL would be helpful 
  • Knowing the HTML would be helpful 
  • Knowing the XML would be helpful