Increasing Sales By Picking Up The Phone - Cold Calling Tips

Increasing Sales By Picking Up The Phone - Cold Calling Tips

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Updated Sep 22, 2020

The aim of this workshop is to help sales staff achieve a greater appreciation of the importance of cold calling and to become more effective in their ability to influence and communicate with customers using the telephone to grow sales. The participants will gain a greater awareness of customer’s expectations, learning to develop the necessary skills in using the telephone to overcome reluctance, deal with rejection and effectively cold call to generate leads, make appointments and close sales.

After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Apply highly developed communications skills for improved customer relations
  • Improve their efficiency on the telephone through better preparation and planning
  • Become more assertive in their day to day communications by phone
  • Overcome cold call reluctance, handle rejection and create opportunities through cold calls
  • Present a professional image, have the right attitude and build trust with the customer
  • Talk to customers in their own language and with the right tone of voice 
  • Guide the customer effectively through each stage of the sales presentation
  • Get the customers attention and engage in conversation through stimulating introductions
  • Really listen to customers and pre-empt customers’ needs through skilful questioning
  • Build a case, present the benefits and handle objections effectively
  • Show discretion and tactfulness, when helping customers make the right decision
  • Learn to recognise buying signals, know when to ask for the order and close the sale
  • Apply adaptable skills to generate appointments in a confident and competent manner
  • Write slick sales scripts to win sales and create happier customers
  • Develop personalised communications with clients generating happier customers