Identify your communication styles

Identify your communication styles

Identify your communication style, and its strengths and weaknesses, through a self-assessment exercise.

Cegos Training
Updated Nov 21, 2018

As you are aware some people are more talented communicators than others. Some people find speaking in public easier than others. Words trip off their tongues more easily they are able to select the right arguments hold a gaze and synchronize their verbal and non-verbal communication. Other people find it more difficult to get their message across adopting a more monotonous tone failing to hold their gaze and communicating ineffectively.

This course will cover:

  • Being aware that there are several communication styles.
  • Understanding how to distinguish between styles their similarities and differences.
  • Identifying your dominant style.
  • Developing your flexibility in communication situations.

Target Audience

Anyone who is required to speak in public. This module is particularly suited to operations managers.


PMI accreditation: earn 0.5 PDU points from PMI.