Switch On Respect – Interactive

Switch On Respect – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Dec 11, 2020

The Switch on Respect course provides the stimulus for everyone to develop respectful thinking patterns and behaviors. People at all levels can develop useful strategies and internal messages to avoid unconscious bias, intolerance and disrespect. At times, we all need to re-evaluate our thinking patterns and behaviors. This helps us to become more open, respectful, unbiased, inclusive and tolerant, and leads to more effective communication skills. You can learn to develop respectful communication by starting with respectful and non-judgmental internal messages.

The Switch on Respect course demonstrates a simple approach based on the notion of ‘scripts’ or ‘messages’ in our head that help us or hinder us at work. It helps us to recognize a range of typical thinking patterns that underpin the actions and work that people do. It shows how negative messages can be transformed with a proactive approach to: SWITCH ON POSITIVE MESSAGES!