Honesty and Personal Values at Work

Honesty and Personal Values at Work

Global Ethics University
Updated Jun 11, 2019

Course Overview

This is a character-building course that helps employees and employers understand basic principles of personal honesty and to move to deeper levels of personal integrity in the workplace by developing understanding of the underlying issues that influence our ethical decision-making. The course starts with helping employees consider character thoughts and habits and then consider the wider implications in the workplace. Building on this understanding the course helps employees explore the “whys” behind personal honesty principles and then construct a solid framework for making honesty an intrinsic natural response to ethical crises. The final phase of the course extends the principles of personal honesty to the real-world issues of lies and theft in the workplace. The whole course takes workers on a journey of self-discovery reflection and application of honesty principles that will have an impact on the character of the individual and the work environment.

Target Audience

All Audiences

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the personal character principles of honesty and telling the truth in both personal and professional settings.
  • Learn to develop healthy thoughts habits and behaviors that support honesty.
  • Know the benefits of honesty in the workplace as it relates to the personal character of the individual and the employer.
  • Learn to make personal honesty an inner intrinsic characteristic that will allow the individual to make honest choices easier in an ethical crisis.
  • Help employees think about why they are honest and where those principles have come from to make them the person they are today.
  • Consider how lies and “spin” no matter how subtle can affect one’s own character and perspective on honesty and the truth.

Business Outcomes

Connect personal character and moral/ethical decision-making to business compliance issues and principles.