Giving Expert Evidence 02 Preparation and Reports – Interactive

Giving Expert Evidence 02 Preparation and Reports – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 23, 2020

Giving Expert Evidence 02 – Preparation and Reports is a course providing important preparation steps before appearing in court to give testimony and being cross-examination. Expert witnesses unused to court procedures can appear labored, unprepared or uncomfortable during testimony. This diminishes the impact of what they are saying. Legal and forensic experts offer tips for how to prepare and appear more professional.

Once this course is completed, you will have learned that meeting beforehand with both the defense and prosecution enables parties to ask and answer questions of each other, in relation to the case. You will have learned the essential aspects of preparing effective written reports and what comprises effective presentation of reports and opinions for court.

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare for court with pre-appearance lawyer discussions (both sides) to clarify your research, understand what will be asked, determine where your evidence fits and help get your main points understood by all concerned
  • Prepare effective written reports with clearly laid out documentation
  • Present reports and opinions making full disclosure, acknowledging the limits of your knowledge and expertise, and considering all hypotheses
  • Clearly identify the author’s training, area of expertise and assurance of the information they’re presenting and clarify complex areas of evidence (e.g. statistics)
  • Outline the appropriate tests used, the limitations and interpretation of results, showing a clearly observable reasoning process
  • Raise important issues which need addressing and fully disclose anything that’s come to attention during investigation
  • Explore common ground (also known as concurrent evidence directive or “hot tubbing”)
  • Recognize and comply with any particular court rules, forms or requirements