Feedback & Difficult Conversations

Feedback & Difficult Conversations

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Updated Feb 26, 2021

About The Course

Feedback can be a gift, but also a curse if we get it wrong. We are all constantly giving feedback to ourselves - usually internally, sometimes vocalised in an outburst if things happen just right - and as such, it’s a great place to start, by looking inward and trying a few new ways of giving ourselves feedback.

For many of us, we need to recognise that, when we do give ourselves ‘feedback’ it’s frequently self-critical and often phrased in ways we wouldn’t accept if spoken aloud.

We have to actively practise positive self-feedback, or we’re less likely to do it and simply move onto the next thing on the list.

We need to recognise and stop the negative self-talk that offers nothing constructive - ‘positive critical’ is okay, but not simply self ‘attack’.

This course is designed to equip you with both the skillset and the confidence you need to successfully manage your own self-feedback and approach difficult conversations.

It is appropriate for anyone in an organisation or workplace where relationship building and personal development is important for business growth.

Your Instructor

Jane Sparrow has spent her career working with organisations across the globe to create sustainable high-performance cultures. She began her career at IBM before holding a variety of senior positions in organisations such as Sony Europe, The Energy Project and MCA (now part of the WPP Group).

Founder of the business consultancy The Culture Builders, specialising in transformational change, engagement and sustainable high-performance cultures, Jane is passionate about enabling others to perform at their best to achieve organisational and personal goals. Her approach is grounded in the belief that by moving people beyond being simply ‘savers’ in an organisation and working with them to become ‘investors’ - people who will put far more in, organisations can unlock their performance potential.

Jane’s work enables people to sustain high performance by creating nurturing organisational cultures and engaging people. She delivers high-impact keynotes and workshops, works with leadership teams to shape strategy, coaches board members, and runs high-performance programmes. Jane is an expert facilitator, consultant, performance coach and impactful speaker that regularly provides her opinions and insight to the global media.