Emotional Intelligence Strategies

Emotional Intelligence Strategies

Learn how to practice self-management techniques and apply strategies that will help you become self-aware.

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Updated Jul 07, 2020

In the previous lessons, you have learned the four skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management to increase your EQ and strengthen your ability to manage yourself and influence others. Boosting your emotional intelligence will leverage your existing skills, IQ, personality, education, and experience even more. This should align with the benefits of increasing your EQ as a leader in terms of how they deal with their people and increase their leadership skills. Consider that you may have the best plan and strategy, but it will not matter unless you communicate this strategy to your team, persuade them to work on it, listen to their inputs, and guide them through the hurdles. You will be able to do this through an exhibition of strong EQ. In this lesson, we will outline some strategies, exercises, and ideas you can use to become an emotionally intelligent leader. You need people skills to execute and succeed in your plan. Developing your EQ will supercharge your leadership arsenal.


0.25 hours, Continuing Education Units (CEU) from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

0.25 hours, Continuing Education Units (CEU) from the HR Certificate Institute (HRCI)