Dealing with Stress (CPD certified)

Dealing with Stress (CPD certified)

iAM Learning
Updated May 18, 2020


Stress isn’t just a ‘buzzword’. It’s something that every one of us adults suffers from, right? Because stress is so common, sometimes it’s just assumed that we’ll ‘get over it’. But it’s not that simple. Stress can be extremely hard to ‘shake off’, in fact, it’s one of the six leading causes of death. We’ve GOT to take it seriously.

We’ve put together this useful course to help you spot stress in yourself and others, as well as advice on how to tackle it. It covers:

  • What is stress?
  • What happens when I get stressed?
  • The different types of stress?
  • How to spot stress in others
  • Tackling stress


Stress has been declared a hazard in the workplace. But unlike ‘traditional’ workplace hazards, often stress is hard to spot, and therefore hard to deal with. This course has been designed to help you cope with this silent killer. It’s a no-brainer.