Coping with Isolation (CPD certified)

Coping with Isolation (CPD certified)

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Updated May 07, 2020

Course Description

Being a human is a tough gig. We’re complicated, thanks to those pesky emotions we have. For example, have you ever felt lonely, even when you’re in a crowd of people? Maybe at other times you’ve been on your own by choice yet been totally content. Being around people or being alone is usually up to us.

But what about when that choice is taken from you? Maybe you’re separated from others because the world has been gripped by a virus? Maybe work has taken you to some far-flung place? Either way, it’s going to have some major effects on your life. And when you can no longer choose to be social, it can be hard to cope. This course is here to help with that.

Target Audience

General Audience / All Levels

Business Outcomes

We’re social creatures. Removing that aspect of our already complex lives might cause unpleasant effects such as depression, stress, dependency on alcohol and other negative outcomes. Taking this course is your first step to understanding, combatting and coping with those effects, which will result in improved happiness and health.