Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

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Updated Jul 03, 2020

Course Overview 

Conflict is something we have all experienced on more than one occasion. It can trigger strong emotions and can lead to hurt feelings, distress and anxiety.

It can also manifest into personal dislike. Teamwork can evaporate, focus can be lost, and in a workplace environment, this can be disastrous.

However, conflict dealt with correctly can create vastly improved outcomes for all concerned.

Course consists of 6 minutes of video content combined with assessment questions and interactivity.

Learning Objectives

By completing this video based eLearning program, your managers and staff will learn:

  • How misunderstandings can lead to conflict
  • The impact conflict can have on individual relationships at work and on the workplace in general
  • Strategies for achieving win/win outcomes

They will learn how to resolve conflict in the workplace with a range of highly effective and easy to apply techniques.

Target Audience

Aimed at all staff, but espeically managers and supervisors.

Business Outcomes

A great tool for creating a more harmonious, stress free working environment.


10 to 15 mins