CompTIA Security+ SY0-501: Cloud, Virtualization, and Resiliency Concepts

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501: Cloud, Virtualization, and Resiliency Concepts

Updated Oct 17, 2019

Course Overview

Maximizing resources and uptime is critical today. In this course you will explore virtualization and cloud concepts as well as ways to provide resiliency. This course will help prepare you for the SY0-501 Security+ exam.

Target Audience

IT security professionals with a minimum of two years' experience in IT administration with a focus on security; users with basic day-to-day technical information security experience; those interested in gaining a broader and deeper knowledge of security concerns and implementation; and learners preparing for the Security+ SY0-501 exam

Learning Objectives

  • compare different types of hypervisors and the benefits of using application containers
  • describe the issues related to VMs
  • compare the different types of cloud offerings such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
  • define the purpose and benefit to using a VDI/VDE
  • describe the function of a cloud access security broker and security as a service
  • describe how automation and scripting provide resiliency
  • describe how templates and master images provide resiliency
  • describe how non-persistence, snapshots, reverting to known states, rolling back configurations all provide resiliency
  • describe elasticity, scalability, and distributive allocation
  • define how high availability provides resiliency
  • describe how RAID can provide resiliency
  • recall various virtualization, cloud, and resiliency concepts