Communication Skills Pathway

Communication Skills Pathway

Updated Aug 27, 2020

No matter what role you are in, being able to communicate effectively is a key skill for dealing with both internal and external customers and team members alike.Listening skills, cultural awareness and being assertive are just some of the topics covered off in this course. Split into 8 bite-sized 10-minute
videos each with a workbook, you will find this course both straight forward to manage and easy to apply.

This communication skills course is divided into 8 equal parts covering 8 topics. Each segment is provided as a 10-minute video and a workbook with three sections in each video guiding you to pause and answer questions that apply to you in your role. You will have the opportunity to relate the topics to your role and how you can implement the skills.

Topics for this course include:

Communication skills, listening skills, questioning skills, being assertive, difficult conversations, showing empathy, cultural awareness and giving instructions in the workplace.

Each topic includes a workbook that will help you apply the principles in your role and provide an action plan that you
can work towards for each area.