Caring for Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

Caring for Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

Global Ethics University
Updated Jun 11, 2019

Course Overview

The heart of a company’s financial success often depends on its ability to keep its innovations ideas formulas and financial and other private information away from competitors. Every employee at every level of a company has knowledge of some kind of private company information that must be kept confidential. As part of an ongoing relationship there is a level of trust and confidence between the employee and the employer. This course provides the basic information employees need to understand and protect confidential information and intellectual property as well as copyright basics and gathering competitive information. This course has four parts: Ethical Issues & Problems Character Connections What You Need to Know and Actions for Success.

Target Audience

All Audiences

Learning Objectives

  • Know different types of proprietary information confidential information and intellectual property (IP).
  • Guard against inappropriate use of confidential information.
  • Know the proper way to discuss and share information.
  • Understand the ramifications for misuse of proprietary information.
  • Know ethical principles for gathering competitive information and learn strategies to defend you company.

Business Outcomes

Reduce compliance related issues build understanding of ethics & compliance content and issues and support an ethical culture in the workplace.