Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination (UK)

Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination (UK)

Updated Nov 19, 2019

Workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination are all behaviours that humiliate, threaten, or degrade you or your co-workers. They can result in depression, anxiety, or a loss of self-worth. This course will teach you what you can do if your life, or the life of a co-worker is being affected. It will help you to identify these key behaviours, and offers constructive steps you can take to address them. Beyond that, it will empower you to focus on the positive behaviours that create an inclusive, diverse culture that enables everybody to thrive and enjoy what they do!

The ViaUp Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination course will teach you:

  • How to identify inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour
  • The steps you can take if you or a colleague experience any of these behaviours
  • How to be inclusive in the workplace