Blockchain Essentials

Blockchain Essentials

FinTech School
Updated Oct 11, 2019

Course Overview

A continuation of our popular Introduction to Blockchain course, Blockchain Essentials will not only reinforce many of the fundamental ideas of blockchain but also dive into its real world applications. This course is great for those that are interested in switching or about to start their careers at a blockchain or Bitcoin company. We will cover case studies, market growth, and current state of blockchain technology.

Target Audience

Bankers, finance professionals, engineers, accountants, lawyers/regulators, consultants, educators, HR personnel, corporate innovators, students from all backgrounds, career switchers, entrepreneurs.

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide you with knowledge about:

  • what blockchain technology is
  • how it works
  • its beginning and evolution
  • what its benefits are; and
  • how it can be leveraged in many industries, but promarily finance and payments

Business Outcomes

  • Initiatives to introduce blockchain in some processes within the organization.
  • Educating employees about blockchain to enable them to be ready for the trends ahead in the finance and payment industry, and how they can be leveraged.
  • Set an innovation based culture that sees ahead of the changes and creates opportunities out of them.