Anti-Harassment Training: Bystander Response Strategies (CT)

Anti-Harassment Training: Bystander Response Strategies (CT)

Updated Feb 19, 2019
Welcome to The Working World, brought to you by BizLibrary TV! In this video lesson, ‘Bystander Response Strategies,’ the audience sees how employees at Professionals Collective respond to an incident of workplace harassment. Through the employees’ experiences and personal reflections, viewers will understand the steps you can take when you witness inappropriate behavior. Even though you must report the incident, how you address the issue beyond that can vary based on your personality and the circumstances. Ultimately, viewers will understand how, whatever they decide to do when responding to harassment at work, they can behave appropriately. This anti-harassment course, which was designed to comply with state laws, is sure to capture your engagement while teaching you everything you need to know about workplace harassment. Special thanks to content consultant Deborah C. England, Esq., of San Francisco, CA, who kindly reviewed all harassment content with a critical and judicial eye.