A Useful Guide To Assertiveness

A Useful Guide To Assertiveness

The BCF Group
Updated Oct 24, 2019

This Useful Guide will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to influence the outcomes of a variety of business interactions with colleagues, line managers and internal/external customers.

Benefits of using this Useful Guide

This Useful Guide will explain Assertiveness and how to get the best out of it for all concerned. This will result in benefits for you such as building self esteem, confidence and improved motivation, and for the business in terms of enhanced team performance through improved personal performance

Assertiveness: What it is

Business situations occur almost every minute of your working day … They are all situations in which there is an ‘outcome’ – something gets done, either for you, for the other person(s), or it is mutually beneficial for both. However it is not just WHAT is achieved, it’s HOW you achieve it that’s important – how you approach the situation, what words you use, what body language you exhibit, how you influence or persuade the person