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Daylight Transport and Go1: Together for the long haul

Brenda Lazarus, Manager of Learning and Development at Daylight Transport, shares how she uses Go1 to bring solutions to the business' diverse team.
Elise Willson, Content Writer
  • Daylight Transport needed a learning platform that is flexible and comprehensive enough to meet the needs of its diverse workforce. 
  • Rather than reinventing the wheel when it came to creating learning programs, Daylight Transport harnessed Go1's knowledge and depth of learning content. 
  • Daylight Transport Learning & Development has been impressed with the learning completion of its employees, with more than 10,000 modules completed to date. 

On paper, Brenda Lazarus is the Manager of Learning and Development for Daylight Transport, a long-haul freight company in the United States. “But I’m an educator at heart,” she admits. Having previously spent 18 years on college campuses working in higher education administration and 13 years at The Walt Disney Company in training, Brenda is driven by her passionate belief that learning should be accessible to everyone. “I really care about bringing education to the people,” she says. 

But when she was tasked with introducing a learning platform to her company, Brenda faced a logistical conundrum. Operating coast to coast in the U.S., Daylight Transport has more than 500 team members scattered across nine service centers and four different states – New Jersey, Georgia, California, and Texas. The organization also encompasses a head-spinning array of roles that range from dockworkers and operations supervisors to billing specialists and IT professionals. It was a challenge to find a high-quality learning platform that was both sufficiently flexible and comprehensive enough to deliver relevant information to such a multiplicity of needs.  

“I needed content that resonates with frontline dockworkers all the way up to our executives,” says Brenda. “And a system that is 100 percent accessible to everyone in our company.” 

Searching for a platform that could adapt to such diverse requirements, Brenda carefully selected Go1. “I landed on Go1 for a variety of reasons,” she says. “But the magnitude, the depth, and the breadth of the content is great.” 

From here, Daylight University was created!  During implementation, Daylight created a creative and engaging platform with a fun logo to drive team members to want to learn and to come back again and again.

Quote graphic:

A framework for learning 

Yet having access to so much content also has a flipside, with the sheer volume of material potentially making it tricky to pinpoint the right course for the specific needs of a single team member. That’s why Brenda has been particularly impressed with 12 Months of Learning, Go1’s strategic learning guide, which runs across the calendar year. “It’s my absolute favorite thing,” she says.  

Mapped against key dates and themes, the guide offers two topics and suggested courses each month, which you can roll out to your team as part of a pre-curated playlist. This provides a handy structural framework and, by allowing a manager to simply send a link to their team, makes it easy to share information. “The content topics are timely and Go1 has done a really nice job of knowing what people need in certain months,” Brenda says of the guide. 

Shared best practice 

Another advantage of using such a well-established content platform? You can harness the experience of other top-level organizations.  

When, for example, Brenda discovered that Delta Airlines had created a leadership development program with Go1, she was interested in finding out the content and modules they were using. When she inquired, her Go1 Customer Success Manager was able to share an overview of the airline’s approach. Brenda is now planning to implement that structure, saving her time and effort. “Why do I need to recreate the wheel?” she says. “If Delta Airlines is using it, then why wouldn't I?” 

Quote graphic: 10,000+. Go1 learning modules Daylight Transport team members have completed to date.

Yearning to learn 

There’s no single criterion to measure the success of such a wide-ranging learning system. Brenda admits that she does monitor the number of course modules that Daylight Transport’s team members have completed – the tally currently stands at more than 10,000. But what excites her more than this data is witnessing the enthusiastic buy-in from her team. More specifically, she’s encouraged by the barrage of inquiries that she now fields about Go1.  

“I have leaders reaching out saying: ‘Hey, can you find out what kind of content is out there about sales or negotiation or resilience?’ They're reaching out to me to help them with developing their team members. I absolutely feel like I'm being leveraged as a resource,” she says. 

Brenda was delighted, for example, to discover that the Manager of Client Services had become so taken with Go1 that she's begun assigning specific modules to her team and holding discussion meetings to unpack the key learnings. “They're finding all kinds of ways to enhance the learning for their team.” 

For some managers, the content in Go1 is just the thing they were waiting for to enhance their team. Brenda has also found individuals capitalizing on the chance to learn new skills, even if they’re not related to their role. She smiles at the memory of one team member, who works in Daylight Transport’s Weight and Inspections department. She reflects, "recognizing the opportunity to learn new skills, the team member has immersed himself in IT courses, with hopes of taking his career in a new direction."  

“He shared with me that he always had a strong interest in computers and programming,” says Brenda. “He found training online in the Go1 system and he's been just so excited to learn. He is just thrilled.” 

Whether or not the courses ultimately lead to a new career, it’s a heart-warming demonstration of the power of the right content and platform to unlock an individual’s hidden potential.  

For Brenda, being able to empower her colleagues in this way is what gives her true job satisfaction. As she happily admits, “I'm most passionate about helping people to be their best self... professionally and personally."

Keen to learn how Go1 can partner with you to deliver impactful employee training in your organization? Get in touch today and let’s start the journey towards a game-changing solution.  

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