EOFY Reflections

Go1s Chief Content Officer Shares his Wrap up following another FY turn around the Sun
Arnauld Mitre, Chief Content Officer

As we approach the end of our current financial year (Go1 operates a July-June fiscal period) I like to take the opportunity to reflect on the successes and challenges in the past 12 months and look ahead to opportunities in the coming year.  

The past twelve months have not been without challenges, on a macroeconomic level we continue to see projections of slower growth than pre-2020 trends, fueling continued conservatism and scrutiny over investment and spending – which often translates down to tightened L&D budgets. We do however continue to see increased engagement in learning from existing customers in the Go1 Content Hub, showing that once businesses do invest, they are increasingly reaping the benefits of the breadth of the Go1 offering by expanding their learner engagement to upskill and reskill their employees. Go1 has also continued to grow steadily throughout FY22/23 - reaching a milestone of 8 million learners in January 2023.  

Alongside organic growth, Go1 has also grown through expansion, through the ongoing integration of CoorpAcademy (now Go1 France) and Education Changemakers (now EC by Go1) into the broader business - helping us to gain traction in the European Enterprise market and the K-12 vertical; as well as new acquisitions of Anders Pink and Blinkist – through both of which we see strategic opportunities to bring tooling that can enhance learner experience and drive additional brand awareness for Go1 in consumer learners, that they will take back to their places of work. 

In the coming 12 months we will be doubling down on the integration of these businesses and beginning to realise the opportunities they present to new and existing customers of Go1. 

Internally over the past 12 months Go1 has sought to continue to both expand the opportunities for learners to engage with learning Content through partnerships with channel partners that open up a broader market opportunity for Premium Content, and improve user experience through an expanded Research Program that has outreached to customers and partners alike to identify needs and validate product roadmaps and UX designs.  

More specifically to the Content function within Go1, having recently transitioned into steering this team from Go1 France leadership, I’m excited by the opportunities to uplift our product and relationships, to continue to drive both improved experience for Go1 Learners and Content Partners alike, alongside more successful partnerships with our Content providers.  

Looking ahead to FY24, our key priority within the Content Team will centre around supporting our customers curation, driving discoverability and requirements-matching to ensure Learning Managers and Learners alike, are finding the right content for their needs. We will also continue to deliver improvements to our Content Partners, be it through improved tooling for Content Onboarding and management within the Go1 environment or better data insights and intelligence to support how you approach your own goals in the coming year - and we will continue to reach out to ensure your feedback informs these features, as we build them.   

It continues to be a journey of many parts, but I am delighted to be on it with you and to overcome our challenges and celebrate our successes on the way.